About Us


What we're about

Unfocused is a podcast. We talk about the news going on with the Nerd Universe, covering the worlds of Video Games, Anime, Comics and anything related in any way. We talk about it just like any other down to earth person would with other friends or like-minded people. If you like fighting games, pokemon, the MCU, DBZ, music, and entertaining-intelligent conversation, then check this out.

Our Story

Two friends from High School, connected by skills in the art of Super Smash Bros Melee, always have the most interesting conversations between each other and friends. Not only were these conversations entertaining but they were also informative and full of knowledge. To prevent these talks from being lost forever they decided to start a podcast in 2008 to share their knowledge with the world in an entertaining way. Since every conversation always became sidetracked with other interesting stories, they decided to call the show Unfocused. Just so you know what you're getting into by reading the title. T and ajTwist host the show along with the frequent guest appearances from other close friends, DJ and WAGS.

Meet the Team

If you're familiar with the Collision28 team, then you know who we are. But here are the main host of Unfocused.



The tech guy. Nothing works without him.



This guy... keeps the show moving.